Overcome Project Fear, Start Your Project Today!

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Procrastination CartoonIf you are anything like me, you have more ideas for projects than you know what to do with. Personally I’m always thinking up new ideas and concepts for websites I’d like to start and always putting them on the back burner for fear that they will fail or take way too much to complete. Apparently the old saying “You never know until you try” has never resonated with me. Over the past 3 years or so I’ve probably started (more like barely started) over a dozen different projects only to lose interest or never fully commit to starting them. What’s the problem? Fear!

It’s hard to admit, but yes I am afraid of my own projects. Afraid that they will take too long to complete; Afraid that they will never be successful; And afraid that I don’t have the knowhow to do everything that needs to be done to make them successful. I’d like to think that I’m not alone and that those of you that have never really had a largely successful website are having similar fears and doubts. But the better thing to think about is how to overcome these fears and take the necessary actions to bring my ideas to life.

So how can beat our fears and kick our procrastinating habits to the curb? Well there are a few tips which I am starting to employ that are making project management easier and my fears disappear:

1. Divide and Conquer – The saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” has always had some wisdom behind it. Any project worth doing probably isn’t going to be completed in days or weeks, but will probably demand months of your time. It’s disheartening when you pour months of your own time and effort into a project only to see another 8 months of needed work and time to see it to completion. Instead of looking at the project as a whole look at the project as the sum of its many parts.

Simply put, take the project and divide it into smaller, more manageable tasks. Map out your project and list all of the little steps it takes to get to your final goal of project completion. Then take the items you KNOW you can complete from the list and complete them one by one. Be sure to cross them out when they are completed to get the sense of accomplishment.

2. Incentivize Your Tasks – It’s human nature to have the “What’s in it for me?” attitude. Why should I complete this task or how will I benefit from doing this? Besides the end result of having your project completed and hopefully becoming successful, consider rewarding yourself as you complete milestones and cross things off your list. By telling yourself that you get to go out to a fancy dinner or get to have 1 day of complete video game vegetation if you complete one of your tasks, you will WANT to complete the tasks even more.

3. Embrace Mistakes – One of the things that I’m learning more and more each day is that you are bound to make mistakes. They are simply unavoidable. Instead of letting them bring you down and instead of using them as a reason for not moving forward on your projects….embrace them! Realize your mistakes and learn from them. Use what you’ve learned to not make the same mistake again and to help your next project or phase of your project succeed.

The moral of this post is to simply move forward with your projects no matter what. Don’t let yourself use fear as an excuse. If you truly think your project has the potential to succeed then what do you honestly have to lose? Perhaps its a few months of your time and some money. Are you willing to exchange that for the possibility of making it big? As far as I know, those who have made it big didn’t sit back and wonder IF they should start their next project or IF they were capable of completing it. They set their goals and went for it.

What are your fears? Do you have any projects that you have yet to start due to procrastination? I’d love to hear your take. Leave a comment!

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Niche Review Sites = Free Organic Traffic

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Finding Niche CartoonImagine a site with 100 different, yet highly related products with accompanying reviews. Now imagine that 80-90% of the content within the site is generated solely by external users. Finally imagine each of those products having their own SEO optimized page containing your own affiliate product links. I don’t know about you, but I think that could bring in some very nice profits.

Over the past few months I have been experimenting with creating what I call “Niche Review Sites”. Basically I setup a site based on a tight group of niche products and provide product details and a few reviews. Each product gets its own page which displays the information, photos, etc. But these pages also allow users to leave their own ratings and reviews.

In my case I started with niches that I had some interest in so that I could write a few product reviews myself to generate the initial content. However this content could just as easily be outsourced for those looking to scale this method…something I am considering in the future. These initial reviews and product pages have embedded links and banners that are affiliate links to the product being discussed making the path to purchase as direct as possible.

Now once you have your initial content developed, you can begin to advertise and link build to increase traffic and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is something that I paid close attention to when developing my site template and because of this I started to see traffic from Google and the likes in a matter of a week or so! Traffic which ultimately could do one of three things: 1) write a review of the product which adds to the unique page content, great for SEO. 2) Click an affiliate link and make a purchase, great for making some money. 3) Read the review and be on their way…not so good, but not every user will obviously convert.

I’ve only begun testing this idea out with a single product page with already developed content including a review and additional user reviews and the results have been encouraging. Just that single product page is bringing in 75 unique visitors a month from just organic sources….free traffic! Now imagine if I fully develop the site and have 100 products all producing 75 unique visitors a month? That’s over 2200 unique visitors a month!! 2200 potential user reviews or affiliate commissions.

My plan now is to expand my test to include a full group of niche products and see what types of conversions and traffic the site can muster. My question to everyone reading is would you be interested in a product/script that you could use to setup a complete niche review site? Setup the script, upload a logo, pick a template and add products. No site building or HTML knowledge necessary. Leave a comment and let me know if you’d be interested in such a product.

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Is Freelancing the Answer to Job Security?

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Freelance Pen CartoonWith the US economy is a recession and the unemployment rates getting larger by the month it’s no wonder that many Americans are questioning their own job’s security. Personally, I find myself looking into a cloudy future with respect to my current 9-5 job. I could literally be out of a job in under a month! Planning ahead I’ve already begun my search of the various online job search tools available to find my next full-time position, but I’m hardly worried about my financial future. Why?

One word….Freelancing. I’ve been doing part-time freelance work through the site Rent-A-Code for the past 4-5 years and earned a couple hundred dollars a month when I chose to take on work. I’ve always thought of how great it would be if I could just do freelance programming as my full-time job. No commute, no co-workers, no boss. It sounds like a great life, but never having lived it it’s hard to say. Yet finally the economy and job market may give me the opportunity to embrace this lifestyle and see what I can make of myself.

So the question remains is freelancing the answer to job security? Well in some respects yet and others no. It’s true I could never lose my job because I’m self-employed at that point, but it also means that I need to get a steady flow of paying jobs to keep the money coming in and the bills paid. I know that if I am to succeed at freelancing full-time that I’ll need to pull in $2000-$3000 a month and that I’ll need to push myself to take bigger and better (paying) jobs.

Am I worried? No! The internet provides me with so many different ways to bring in income that I know that the worst case is that I just break even month to month until I find a full-time 9-5 position. Better yet, the best case is that I make far more than I would at my full-time 9-5 positions and embrace a lifestyle that from afar looks attractive….only time will tell.

Are you a full-time freelancer? Do you have any dreams of making money online as your only income? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. I’d be very interested in knowing more.

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ErikKarey.com is now EntrepreneursWealth.com

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Name Change CartoonYes it’s true, I’ve gone ahead and decided to rename my blog to give it a more professional and brandable appearance. It wasn’t an easy choice to make because of all the work I’ve already done under the ErikKarey.com branding, but it was a move I feel that was essential to get this blog off its ass and producing again.

There were several reasons for the change of domains. First, as you might well know, I’ve let this blog decay over the past 4 months or so to a point where I haven’t made any new posts and those posts which do exist are constantly attacked by comment spammers. I can’t explain why it happened….but I lost interest and motivation…..not a good thing at all. So I’m confident that this name change will light a fire underneath my ass and help me resurrect this blog.

Secondly, by using EntrepreneursWealth.com as the domain and title, it provides more brandability and professionalism in my opinion. With this domain I feel it will allow me the possibility of expanding this site into more than just a personal blog about internet entrepreneurship. If I can get traffic and interest back up then I feel that I can eventually create a whole community based around internet entrepreneurship with this blog as its foundation.

Lastly, the name change simply distances this blog from its predecessor to a degree. It allows me to put the infrequent posting mistakes behind me and to once again start something great on a fresh new domain. Forget about my personal blog (for now)! My goal is to make this a top blog on the topic of internet business and entrepreneurship. I have a lot of plans for this blog over the next few months and hope that you will stick around and experience them.

For those of you that knew this blog as ErikKarey.com thanks for sticking with me and remember to update your RSS feed with the new URL. For those new readers welcome to EntrepreneursWealth.com! I hope you all enjoy!

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Do You Want To Learn About CPA Marketing?

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Cash Tactics CPA Marketing

If you’ve ever been interested in PPC or CPA marketing then you MUST head over to CashTactics to read Ruck’s latest series entitled “The CPA Marketing Series” It’s only just begun over the past few days and already a wealth of information has been covered and knowledge has been shared. I’ve really been impressed with all of the information, strategies and knowledge that Ruck has shared with his readers.

This series is not the typical series of posts where everything is glossed over and just barely touched upon. So far each post in the series has gone in-depth explaining everything you need to know to get your PPC CPA campaign off the ground and profitable. I’ve been intently following this series and trying things out and I’m finally excited to get into PPC. As Ruck has said he’s only scratched the surface so far and has a lot more information in store for his readers.

I’m happy to have found CashTactics and even happier that there is someone out there that isn’t afraid to share their knowledge in an in-depth no topic left untouched manner. I highly recommend you take a look at this series if you are even remotely interested in PPC. I’d also recommend signing up for the forums at CashTactics as there is a lot of information in there, plus Ruck is pretty quick with helping you out there too!


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