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One of my ongoing projects is a website called JustPressPlay. I thought I would share a bit of information about it with all of you. JustPressPlay is a review site which posts movie, music and game reviews. I’ve been working on this site for just about 3 years now and I own and administer this site with another person, Jason.

Together we have built this site from the ground up with little experience. It has been a complete learning experience from SEO to coding to PR management. It’s been a great time though. We currently have about a dozen writers who volunteer for the site in return for the free swag that companies send us.

We just recently launched a new design with a lot more features and hopefully SEO more in mind. Right now we are averaging a little over 75,000 uniques a month and 3 million hits.

What I hope to accomplish next is getting better rankings in Google as well as monetizing the site better. Right now I run a mix of YPN and Burst ads, but they just aren’t producing as much as I’d like. We are looking into a lot of different options.

Let me know what you think.

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    1. 1 Project: April 5, 2007

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    2. 2 Matt Huggins April 29, 2007

      Hey Erik, I just came across this post about your site. It looks great, very professional! It sounds like you get a great deal of traffic to your site. I’m not sure how open you are with the monetary details of your site as you didn’t include them here, but I would be curious to know what kind of revenue you’re generating if it’s something that you’re open to sharing. Either way, keep up the good work with the site as well as your blog. :)

    3. 3 Erik Karey April 30, 2007

      Thanks for the support. I’ve found JustPressPlay hard to monetize. I’ve tried a bunch of different networks, but nothing has stuck out. YPN offers the best option as of now with high CPC. I can manage anywhere from $2 to $15/day with YPN.

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