Should You Pick Topics You Love or What Pays Best?

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I’m at the stage where I’m at the brainstorming stage of starting a few websites. I need to decide on a few topics and then start to develop them. The question that I raise to myself is should I try and focus on topics that I think are interesting and have some sort of passion for? Or should I find topics that are being searched for and I can get high rankings for?

The choice is a hard one because if I can find topics that I know I can rank highly for through some minor SEO then why wouldn’t I do it? The problem with creating and maintaining websites about topics that you have little interest in is having the motivation and knowledge to stick with it. If I put together a wedding dress website, will I really want to write about dresses for months on end and will I even be able to think of things to write? Chances are I will loose interest in it and it will be a failed website.

The other option is to find topics I know I’m interested in, but will certainly be harder to get high rankings for. Generally it seems that my interests are shared by many and because of this there is a lot of competition. In order to rank in search engine results I would need to put in a lot of leg work, but I would be able to maintain the websites for quite awhile because I have the interest to.

I’m going to throw the question out to you, in hope that a few of you will chime in on this. What is your strategy when brainstorming new website ideas? Do you go for the easy to optimize topics or things you have genuine interest in?

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    1. 1 Gary Cao April 12, 2007

      I started my blog only a week ago, and I’m in the same confusion that blocked me from writing anything for 2 days.
      But after considering it carefully, anything in this world that wants to sell, has to result in a win/win situation. If you have to sacrifice what you love so that you can win more readers and rank, it will be a lose/win situation, and finally when you lose your motivation you won’t want continue doing it.
      So for now, I think you should write anything that you love to, but of course narrow down your focus. If you have true passion and talent, you won’t have to be afraid of competition. It’s a challenge to see if you really love to do something. Blog for both yourself and your readers.
      Thanks for your question, which also brought about an answer to myself.

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    3. 3 Sophie July 24, 2007

      I think it would be better to write about topics that you love. If you only write because of the money, your writing won’t turn out to be as good as how it can be when you’re writing about something that you’re genuinely interested in.

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