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I thought I would take the time today to highlight some recent posts throughout the internet that caught my eye and give them a little link love.

Freelancing 101 – The Basics
– I just recently found the Freelancing Switch blog and I’ve been really impressed by it. It has a great design and a solid group of writers. This post in particular hit home as I just started to get back into doing some freelance programming work. It discusses the basics of getting into freelancing and brings up a lot of points about the freelancing lifestyle.

Start A Blog: Just Jump In!Jane May recently guest posted on John Chow’s blog while he was in Taipei. She briefly discusses getting into blogging and how there really is little to lose when it comes to starting a blog. I’m really glad I decided to start one and I think if you even have a slight desire to start one, you should.

55 Essential Articles Every Serious Blogger Should Read – Matt created a great list of articles that every blogger should read. He did a great job compiling the links and even categorizing them. If you are getting into blogging this list is a great place to start. Nice work Matt!

Make Money with NeverBlueAds Affiliate Network – Zac Johnson has started a series of affiliate network reviews that I’ve personally found very helpful. I’ve decided to highlight his review of NeverBlueAds, however he’s reviewed several networks which you should check out.

That should keep all of you busy for awhile. Thanks to the four above for some informative articles.

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    1. 1 Zac Johnson June 5, 2007

      Thanks for the link back and comment :)

    2. 2 chemist June 6, 2007

      Great finds, thanks!

    3. 3 Sophie July 24, 2007

      These are all great sites! Thank you so much for sharing!

    4. 4 Lauren August 17, 2007

      Great list. Those 55 articles are a great resource.

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