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I wanted to take a minute to introduce one of my new projects. It’s called WriteBoost and it’s going to be an advertising network devoted to the blogging community. I’ve teamed up with a business partner and we have some really innovative plans for our service. I’m not going to release too much in the way of details, but we plan to launch a blog for the site in the near future to discuss features, get feedback, etc.

If WriteBoost sounds interesting to you, consider signing up to get updates and qualify to be a beta tester. If you’d like to help me spread the word, that’s ok too!

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    1. 1 Matt Huggins June 5, 2007

      Oooh, exciting! I like the logo! I have a blog-related project underway too that I’ll be posting about soon, but I think yours sounds more interesting to be frank. :)

    2. 2 Zac Johnson June 6, 2007

      Signed up. I like the logo too!

    3. 3 » July - Month in Review by Erik Karey: Internet Entrepreneur August 1, 2007

      […] As for my projects, Im a bit behind on my plans for WriteBoost. I have a lot of development left, but I am definitely hoping to have something to show people in […]

    4. 4 Matt Huggins October 10, 2007

      Did this project get canceled? doesn’t load anymore, though its WHOIS still says it’s registered by JustPressPlay.

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