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TreasureNo no no, not that kind of booty. I’m talking about treasure and prizes. I wanted to take a moment to share some of the contests and giveaways going on in the blogosphere. There are some really great prizes to be had so take a moment to have a look:

Blogging Tips June Competition – These guys have been putting on contests since their launch and for June they have a number of different prizes to be won. Among the prizes are a years worth of hosting with a domain name, an already established blog, and $100 cash. Take a look to see how to win one of these prizes.

Create Business Growth Podcasting Gear – They currently have a giveaway going on until June 18th for $335 worth of podcasting gear. To enter all you need to do is signup for their RSS feed and email them saying you’ve done so. A simple contest to win a great prize!

Matt Huggins Free Business Books – Matt is currently running a contest to giveaway 6 free business books to 6 lucky people who enter his contest. All you need to do is write a short review of his blog with appropriate links and you are entered to win. And even if you don’t win you still gain a free backlink to your blog.

Erik Karey Win A Palm Pilot – I’m certainly not above plugging my own contest. I’m giving away a free palm pilot (worth $100+) to a random entrant. To enter all you have to do is review my blog with appropriate links. Besides the chance to win you will also get a backlink on my blog .

There are a few of the great contests going on right now. If you know of any others please let us all know by leaving a comment and I can update the post accordingly. Now go out there and win some great prizes!

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    1. 1 Matt Huggins June 13, 2007

      Thanks for the contest link, Erik, it’s much appreciated. :) I’m planning to write a review of your site tomorrow with any luck. Hopefully I can find some time among all my friends’ wedding plans over the next 3 days.

    2. 2 sapheyerblu June 14, 2007

      Hey, very cool post. I love contests and this makes it much easier to find them.


    3. 3 Fun Things on the Horizon, Contest Update, and Thank You's | Create Business Growth Offers... June 27, 2007

      […] Erik Karey A blog following a young internet entrepreneur on his journey to wealth. […]

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