Earnings Report Week 4

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I know I just posted my Week 3 earnings report, but that’s because I was a bit behind on my earnings report posting. To get back on my every Monday schedule, I’m posting Week 4’s report right now.

Google Adsense – $1.03
Yahoo Publisher Network – $27.29
Rent-A-Coder – $112.75
This Week: $141.07 (+63.64)
Grand Total: $253.40

I’ve decided to start picking up some freelance coding work through Rent-A-Coder. They have software buyers posts jobs for various applications and scripts and you can bid on the projects. If you win the bid you get money for completing the projects. Simple enough and I’ve been able to do a few small projects here and there over the last week to make a decent sum. I plan to keep doing these side projects as I develop others myself.

I have 3 new websites I’m starting to develop, one of which is quite large that I don’t expect to be done for a few months. Hopefully when it’s done it will bring in some good money.

That’s all for this week.

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