Earnings Report Week 5

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Here’s the breakdown for my past week’s earnings:

Google Adsense – $1.09
Yahoo Publisher Network – $9.93
Rent-A-Coder – $17.50
AuctionAds – $5.00
This Week: $33.52 (-107.55)
Grand Total: $286.92

Yahoo’s Publisher Network just put in their Quality Based Pricing scheme and that really hurt my CPC for their ads running on one of my websites. I’ve decided to switch from YPN over to Tribal Fusion and the new Ask.com Contextual Ad service in hopes of a better CPC. Check back next week to see how it goes.

I’ve also added AuctionAds to my lineup, but have yet to earn any real money from it. The $5 represents the bonus for signing up. This week will be the true test for AuctionAds, but I plan to keep them running until the end of the month.

Overall a large decrease from last week’s earnings, but last week I made a significant amount through Rentacoder whereas this week I focused more on developing new sites and optimizing old ones.

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    1. 1 kamen 123 June 14, 2007

      please note that rentacoder staff are professional liars
      they lie even with their slogan
      more details at http://kamen123.blogspot.com

    2. 2 Erik Karey June 14, 2007

      I have yet to have any issues with them and I’ve been doing work on there since 2003. What are you complaints?

    3. 3 kamen 123 June 14, 2007

      well for me is obvious that rentacoder staff is INCREDIBLY STUPID with serious projects
      Rentacoder staff are professional liars proficient to blame someone else
      Rentacoder staff lie even with their slogan
      You can read details and perfect examples at http://kamen123.blogspot.com

    4. 4 Mark Barrera June 14, 2007

      I must say that I as well as my business partners regularly use RentACoder and even promote it through our business as a great way to save time and money for programming projects.

      I checked out Kamen’s blog and couldn’t find much to make me think otherwise. Looks to me like Kamen had a dispute over an arbitration and is out for revenge.

      Oh, and I just wanted to let you know I love your blog and will be following your progress!

    5. 5 kamen 123 June 15, 2007

      Mark Barrera:
      I agree that there are people happy with rentacoder. These people are making small tasks(patches) for about several hundreds or less.

      But for significantly bigger projects rentacoder staff are INCREDIBLY STUPID/PROFESSIONAL LIARS

      I do not make revenge. I think it is fair to warn users. I have perfect evidences confirming my opinion. You just need to read my blog and think more

    6. 6 Sergey I.Grachyov June 22, 2007

      The famous insulter “kamen123″ has been banned from RentACoder:

      “kamen123″ spoil perfect site in revenge.

    7. 7 kamen 123 June 24, 2007

      Sergey please go to lie at rentacoder
      Here everyone see that Im right

    8. 8 Hong Xiaowan's Studio July 3, 2007


      Cause AuctionAds allow using multiple AuctionAds units on a single page, so, plan to use AuctionAds as the main content for toBid.info
      Use the keywords from search box and title to define the keyword that needed for the AuctionAds to get the fitting c…

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