Earnings Report Week 6

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It’s Monday and time for my weekly earnings report:

Google Adsense – $4.83
AuctionAds - $5.00
Tribal Fusion – $22.32
Rent-A-Coder - $229.49
This Week: $261.64 (+228.12)
Grand Total: $548.56

This past week I’ve changed advertisers on several of my sites. For the most part now I am running Tribal Fusion and AuctionAds. Yahoo’s Publishers Network started their “quality pricing” strategy and my earnings went through the floor with clicks getting only a few cents so I’ve dropped the program. I’m now running Tribal Fusion ads which are performing rather well at the moment, we’ll see how they do next week.

Also as I stated last week, I’m starting to use AuctionAds on a few of my sites in hopes that they will perform well. Unfortunately right now, all I have is the $5 signup bonus in my account, but I have a number of clicks and a decent CTR so I’m hopeful that I will earn some commissions soon.

Lastly, as you can see I did more programming work through Rent-A-Coder as I have the past 2 weeks and earned a decent amount of supplemental income. However I’d like to earn more from my sites so I do not have to do as much programming work. It’s all about passive and active income!

Who wants to set my earnings goal for next week?

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    1. 1 Matt Huggins June 18, 2007

      Hey Erik, I’ve been thinking of doing some Rent-A-Coder type projects, but I’m curious about what kind of time you put in to get the results you get. What would you say your hourly wage is from your efforts? How many projects did you do for this figure?

    2. 2 Erik Karey June 18, 2007

      That total was for 4 projects. I usually end up picking small projects that aren’t worth a whole lot, just to get a bit of supplementary income.

      I’ve never really calculated an hourly wage. I’m sure I’m not getting a high rate, but there is a lot of competitors on RAC so you have to be competitive with your rates. If you can find work without RAC it’s most likely going to pay better.

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