Earnings Report Week 7

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This past week has been slow. I had some off the internet work to attend to and thus my Rent-A-Coder earnings were lower than the previous weeks.

Google Adsense – $1.20
AuctionAds – $0.00
Tribal Fusion – $29.54
Rent-A-Coder – $58.75
This Week: $89.49 (-172.15)
Grand Total: $638.05

AuctionAds continues to have $0 in earnings. I keep getting clicks, but never have any of the clicks translate into eBay signups or bids. Tribal Fusion has been performing decently on my main website running at close to $5/day although I’d like to see this increase further.

Overall a slow week with room for improvement.

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    1. 1 Enkay Blog June 25, 2007

      Thats pretty good. I havent tried out Tribal Fusion and Google Adsense doesnt earn much on a monthly basis for me anyway.

    2. 2 Matt Huggins June 25, 2007

      Makin the big bucks!

    3. 3 MrGPT June 26, 2007

      Great job! I wouldn’t call that a slow week …

    4. 4 constructicle boy June 28, 2007

      hello.this is constructicle boy and i have added you to the train under this link,http://constructicle.blogspot.com/2007/06/double-whammy-to-increase-alexa-ranking.html

    5. 5 Paypal2u Bloggers July 12, 2007

      Err.. how much unique traffic your main site get for you to earn a TribalFusion CPM income?

    6. 6 nicusor July 12, 2007

      From what I know, Google does not agree with revealing the adsense income… I might be wrong though…

      How can I join tribalFusion?

      Last, but not least, since you are a do follow adept, is it ok to add you on the Do Follow List which I keep it updated on my site?


    7. 7 Erik Karey July 12, 2007

      PayPal2u – We average around 60k unique visitors per month.

      Nick – It’s ok to say the money made, just not post screenshots, CTR, and everything else related to adsense stats. TribalFusion has a application form on their website. Lastly, you are welcome to add me to the do-follow listing.

      Thanks for the comments both of you!

    8. 8 nicusor July 13, 2007

      I’ve just added you to the list! :)

      As for TribalFusion, I found the application form but I can’t join for now…

      “requires that web sites provide Tribal Fusion at least 2,000 unique users per day for each Ad Space listed with Tribal Fusion.”


    9. 9 resort for couples November 2, 2009

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