August Poll – How Many Income Sources Do You Rely On?

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In June I asked “How much time do you spend working online daily?” and after 30 responses from you, the readers, the results are finally in. But before I get to that, I want to present my poll question for August.

How Many Income Sources Do You Rely On?
This month I would like to know how many different sources of income you rely on for your internet ventures. It’s a well known fact that having multiple income sources will help you to earn more while helping you to secure a steady monthly income. So this month, please fill out my poll to the left and leave a comment attached to this post describing your income sources.

And Now the Results…
After 30 responses, I’ve tabulated the results and found that that average internet entrepreneur usually spends no more than 8 hours a day online.

June Poll Results

When thinking about the results and what they really meant I came to two different conclusions. First, you can look at the results and see that the majority works somewhere between 5-8 hours daily. This is similar to a full-time job, but it’s my feeling that the majority of people who submitted an answer to the poll probably did internet work as a secondary job, not a full-time position. When you think of it like that, you figure that’s an extra 30-40 hours weekly on top of a full-time 40-60 hour work week and that makes for one very busy person.

My second reaction to the poll was a bit of shock. I definitely expected more people to be working longer than 8 hours a day, but as you can see that set of people is the exception, not the rule. As I’ve written before, working long hours isn’t a necessity, but I had the perception of internet entrepreneurs working long hours.

Now It’s Your Turn
What are your thoughts about the poll results? Are you surprised that most people spend 8 hours or less working on the internet? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

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    1. 1 chris August 7, 2007

      I gave my vote..

      I’m still increasing the number of income sources, but it’ll take time

    2. 2 Gregg Hawkins August 7, 2007

      I’m not surprised at all! Working online provides the opportunity to earn passive income. Once you’ve established yourself you just need to make sure you stay up to date on your stuff.

      Currently, my biggest revenue earner is PPP :( Hopefully that’ll change in the future!


    3. 3 Glen Allsopp August 7, 2007

      Nice to see someone who makes their posts easier to digest by using a poll

      Great results, thanks

    4. 4 shaun August 7, 2007

      im surprised that so many people voted for 5-8 sources of income. Including my job and blog I have 3 sources. and on my blog I basically only make money from adsense.

    5. 5 Susan August 7, 2007

      Interesting tally here. I’m surprised there is a large percentage of people that are working 5-8 hours a day on their blog, that means that they are very busy balancing their day job and blogging on their free time 5-8 hours or they are full time bloggers? I’m a full time blogger, but I didn’t know there were that many out there! Personally, I try to get in at least 8 hours a day, minimum. Of course, that’s including research, writing, reading..etc.

    6. 6 Erik Karey August 7, 2007

      5-8 hours a day for people who aren’t full time bloggers can be a lot of time when matched with a 40-60 hour work week. I wonder how many of those who work 5-8 hours are full-time bloggers like yourself Susan.

    7. 7 Paypal2u Bloggers August 7, 2007

      I myself done more than 5 hours daily on my online venture. Mostly doing some research, maintaining my online services like domain registration and others.

      I only use about an hour daily for blogging.

    8. 8 Steve August 8, 2007

      I am in the 5-8 hour camp as well so it’s nice to see that I have a lot of company there. It means I am not the only one who comes to the end of some days exhausted and begins others already weary. OK, back to do more research…

      Paid Survey Success

    9. 9 SpeedLinking - 8th August | Enkay Blog August 8, 2007

      […] Karey’s: Income Sources Poll Based on my post earlier today I read that Erik Karey had a similar post on his blog. He actually has a poll showing how people have voted regarding the […]

    10. 10 Verne August 8, 2007

      I’m not surprised by the results. Seeing as how your blog surrounds the idea of entrepreneurship on the internet, it’d be expected that the respondents spend most of their day running their ventures on the internet (in place of another 9-5 desk job). In fact, 5-8 hours a day is probably more of a minimum for me, and I’d more likely fall into the 16.67% of people who spend 8-12 hours per day on the net.

      As for this month’s question: I rely on 2 sources – my creative marketing agency and my blog. :)

    11. 11 John Burton August 18, 2007

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    12. 12 cooliojones August 18, 2007

      In one sitting I can get enough hours to max out my AGLOCO toolbar. :D Promoting is hard work.

      I am signed up with many sources, but only 2 are bringing in any income right now. That should change once I hit the 90-day mark!

      My New Hustle | Make Money Online
      Be the man, stop working for him.

    13. 13 Chad October 23, 2007

      I have 2 sources bringing in revenue. Only one is really worth the time.

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