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I thought I would let everyone know that I’ve taken a bit of a impromptu vacation and will be gone until Wednesday. When I get back I will be continuing my series on Ranking in the SERPs. If you haven’t read any of my posts yet, please read the following posts to catch up:

Ranking in the SERPs – Part 1 – Keyword Selection
Ranking in the SERPs – Part 2 – Influential Factors

Also, I would love to see more comments and discussion on this month’s poll. Please take the poll to the right and then check out the poll “How Many Income Sources Do You Rely On?

I’ll be back on Wednesday with new content. See everyone then!

– Erik

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    1. 1 shaun August 13, 2007

      have fun on your trip can’t wait till you get back to read your new content!!!

    2. 2 Stephen August 14, 2007

      You have a very cool blog with lots of useful, interesting info.

      Please visit my blog for money-making tips. Thanks!

    3. 3 Gregg Hawkins August 14, 2007

      I wish I could be on vacation! :D Where are you at?!


    4. 4 CASH for COMMENTS August 14, 2007

      Ok. Have a good vacation. sources of income? I would have to say 2/3

    5. 5 Erik Karey August 15, 2007

      Thanks guys, sorry it was so last minute. I’m working on a new post as we speak. I went out to Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Perfect beach weather!

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