July – Month in Review

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Sales Goals CartoonIt’s shocking to me that July is already over. Unfortunately I did not have the month I was hoping to have. I lost my motivation and needed to take a break from things and because of that the blog suffered a bit. Sometimes however you need to take a break and re-focus yourself and I feel a lot better now because of it.

RSS Readership
Surprising to me is the fact that even without my daily posts for a majority of the past month; my RSS readership continued to grow and has reached 48 readers. Although still a far cry from the likes of John Chow, I am very close to my 50 reader goal and believe by re-introducing my daily posting schedule I should be there in no time.

As expected when I do no do daily updates, my traffic for the blog has taken a bit of a dive. Last month I received 1240 unique visitors and this month I received 940 unique. I’m really hoping to get this number up to close to 1500 by the end of this coming month.

With my break from this blog, I did take a break from a lot of online work and thus my earnings are a bit low for the month. So for July I’ve earned $274.76 with all of this money being generated from Tribal Fusion advertising and a few site sales. I decided to unload a few of the sites I’ve developed in the past couple months as I plan to overhaul and spend more time on a few select projects in the coming months.

As for my projects, I’m a bit behind on my plans for WriteBoost. I have a lot of development left, but I am definitely hoping to have something to show people in the next month or so. Besides that I’ve done a lot of work on JustPressPlay fixing various bugs, hiring new writers and testing out new ad services.

To some extent this past month has been somewhat of a vacation from the internet world. Yet, I did manage to go on a vacation as I mentioned in my June monthly review. My girlfriend and I went camping up in Maine for 4 days and had a wonderful time. Very relaxing and enjoyable and I’m looking forward to similar trips in the future.

There it is….my month in review. I want to apologize for the lack of updates on the blog and hope that those still subscribed to my RSS feed will continue to read what I have to say.


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    1. 1 Lewis Empire August 1, 2007

      I love the picture you added to this posting. It totally fits most sales groups! I also know what you mean about visitors going down when you take a day break from posting. I wish I could get my time-stamp feature working properly!

    2. 2 shaun August 1, 2007

      Happy to see you back blogging. I’m sure you won’t have any problems getting back into your “groove”. See you around!

    3. 3 Matt Huggins August 1, 2007

      Glad to see you’re going to be back at it. I surely can’t blame you for wanting to take a break from it…it can be overwhelming at times.

    4. 4 Erik Karey August 1, 2007

      Thanks for the support from you all. I hope to get back to my old ways this month!

    5. 5 Webd360 August 1, 2007

      Blogging can definitely be hard work, just glad to see you didn’t quit.

    6. 6 My Vacation in Maine by Erik Karey: Internet Entrepreneur August 2, 2007

      […] I mentioned yesterday in my July in Review post, I went on vacation last month to Maine. My girlfriend and I went camping up in Maine for 4 […]

    7. 7 Andre Ward August 2, 2007

      We all have our ups and downs, that’s what makes us better! I’m glad to see that you don’t express this being unable to write as “writer’s block” like the article says in my blog. Good luck with everything Erik!

    8. 8 Erik Karey August 2, 2007

      No writer’s block, just overall burnout to some degree. I feel a ton better and I’m ready to get things going. Thanks for the support everyone.

    9. 9 Boyd August 2, 2007

      I’m just starting so your comments will help as I get down the road a little…

    10. 10 Erik Karey August 3, 2007

      Glad I’m helping Boyd. Thanks for stopping by.

    11. 11 Debo Hobo August 6, 2007

      I like the way you reviewed your month. It takes into account more than just the financials. I did a review according to John Chow dot Com on my blog but it mainly focuses on revenue. Have you done on his Online Mogul Criteria on your site yet? Check it out-http://www.debohobo.com/2007/08/06/online-mogul-criteria-did-i-measure-up/

    12. 12 chris August 6, 2007

      Thx for sharing!
      I included you in the Blog Earners Report


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