My Vacation in Maine

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As I mentioned yesterday in my July in Review post, I went on vacation last month to Maine. My girlfriend and I went camping up in Maine for 4 days and saw quite a few things and I thought I’d make a quick post to show off some of the pictures we took:

Maine 1

Maine 2

Maine 3

Maine 4

Maine 5

If you have a chance to go up there, it’s well worth your time if you love the outdoors!

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    1. 1 Matt Jones August 2, 2007

      I went to main 4 times, each time for 2 months as a child, it’s an amazing place.

      P.S great to see you on BlogLight.ning!

    2. 2 Erik Karey August 2, 2007

      Hi Matt,
      Yes it’s amazing there for sure. Thanks for the friend request on bloglight.

    3. 3 swollenpickles August 2, 2007

      For some reason that picture with the light house reminds of the US version of “the Ring” movie?

    4. 4 Erik Karey August 3, 2007

      Haha, I don’t think it was. I actually visited another lighthouse in Lubec, ME that was spookier than this lighthouse.

    5. 5 Barry August 7, 2007

      I visited Maine two summers ago and it was amazing. I stayed in Rockland. That lighthouse reminded me of the one I toured when I was there. Is that near Rockland, ME?

    6. 6 Erik Karey August 8, 2007

      This one isn’t actually near Rockland. This one is in Cape Elizabeth, ME which is south of Rockland.

    7. 7 LCD enclosures March 31, 2009

      We’ve been to different places in Boston and NJ, so it is some where new for us to check out next time we are in the USA. Looks fantasitc.

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