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Other Name Cartoon“The Great Blog Selloff” continues with the recent sale of for a cool $15,000. As a few others have mentioned, it seems that in another couple months, none of the existing make money online blogs will be authored by their original author. A slight exaggeration, but something to consider nonetheless and something that has me thinking more about my domain and my blog’s ultimate worth.

As some of you may recall, a few months back I wrote about how changing your blog’s domain could increase its value and it seems to be a statement proven true over the past few months. When CashQuests originally started it was hosted on a account and was called Kumiko’s Cash Quest. Slowly over the past few months it has transformed itself into a blog that is hosted on a paid hosting account, has a domain name and has had its title condensed to simply CashQuests. Overall it has been a smooth transition from almost impossible to sell to completely marketable.

This recent sale is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak, with several other make money blogs going up for sale in the past 3 months:

CashQuests – $15,000
Net Business Blog – $12,000
Blog Oh Blog – $10,000
OneMansGoal – $8,500
BloggingFingers – $6,000
Shylock Blogging – $4,000
RyanShamus $2,500
TOTAL: $58,000

Will these trends continue? I’m predicting that they won’t. With these recent sales, it seems that those willing to pay for blogs are overvaluing the worth of these blogs without understanding the workload and networking skills needed to sustain earnings. Either way, blogs will continue to grow and I’m positive we will see more sales within the blogosphere, which brings me to the main point of this article: Domain Names.

As I said about CashQuests, they did an excellent job setting themselves up for the sale, by creating a marketable brand for their blog. The most notable thing they did was to create a generalized domain. If you look at the list of blogs above, you will see that only 1 of them has a domain with the person’s name in it and it was the blog that sold for the least.

Selling a blog with your name as the domain creates a hard sell, even if you have the user base and branding established. When you create a blog using your name, you are getting people more attached to you as a person, than the content you are producing. Because of that, when you leave, so do a number of your readers and with them goes the blog’s profit.

So the question being asked all around the blogosphere is should you switch your domain name to a more generalized domain? I’ve talked about it; John Chow has talked about it, and Blogging Tips has too. For those starting their blog now, I think it’s a no-brainer to get a domain that is generalized because it will open more doors down the road and leave all your options completely open. For those of us who have already been running a blog on their own name domain, the choice is a bit harder.

Should I take what I have now and transition to a generalized domain in order to keep all my options open? I’ll be honest; I’ve been seriously considering it. I’ve gone so far as to pick out a few domains that I think fit this blog’s niche too. Do I want to sell the blog right now? No. I still enjoy writing here and I have the time (mostly) to write here. Would I sell a year from now? Who knows, it’s hard to look that far ahead and it’s even harder to know what this blog will be a year from now.

For now, I’m still looking into domain options and what it would take to transition to a new domain. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks about generalized domains vs. named domains and more specifically what you think is best for my blog. Leave a comment!

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    1. 1 Alex @ Web 2.0 WordPress Guide November 20, 2007


      Those are some nice points. I agree that people purchasing those domains/blog underestimate the amount of work it takes to continue market it and drive traffic and as we all know -without traffic even best blog will be dead…


    2. 2 Erik Karey November 20, 2007

      Thanks for commenting Alex. I think a lot of the people who purchase these sites are going to be in for a rude awakening once they takeover the posting themselves and then realize it’s more than just posting.

    3. 3 Andy November 20, 2007

      Your right Erik. You have to be totally dedicated to your blog. It doesn’t matter that you purchased a high traffic site that is doing well on ad sales and ad clicks. If you don’t commit at the same level as the previous owner, everything will continue to slide.

      I have a buddy that just registered what may very well be the last 5 letter domain name that makes sense. Since domain speculation, and cyber squatting are so prevalent today, it might be a challenge to find the right domain.

    4. 4 Andy November 20, 2007

      Just curious. Why doesn’t my picture ever show up? All I am seeing on my end is the question mark.

    5. 5 Erik Karey November 20, 2007

      Andy – You’re right about finding a proper domain to fit your blog, but I think if you spend enough time looking, you can come up with something pretty nice.

      As for the picture, do you have a MyBlogLog account? It takes the pictures from that service.

    6. 6 Christine Senter November 20, 2007

      Hey Erik.

      I am a little shocked at the amount of money a person is willing to pay in order to take over a blog started by someone else. And I think you’re right about them not realizing what it’s going to take to keep the readers of that blog.

      As for you changing the name of your site, I can understand that as well, but I think anyone who considers themself a writer should have a “name domain”. I use mine as a sounding board of my writing, and ways to help other writers. Not something I’d consider selling the first place.

      In any case, if you do change the name of your site, keep us informed so we’ll know where to find you. :)

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    8. 8 Kelli Garner October 3, 2009

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