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Clown TrafficOne of the hardest tasks for a new or up and coming blog is usually getting visitors to read what’s being produced. They say “Content is King” and I do believe that, but in the beginning before you’re recognized for your content, how do you drive traffic to your blog? Some of the common ways to do this are usually commenting on other blogs, link exchanges, and guest posting; all of which are great habits to get into and relatively successful at bringing moderate amounts of traffic. But what else is out there for generating traffic?

Well, there are quite a few services/sites out there that can or at least claim to be able to bring more targeted traffic to your site or blog. Let’s take a look at some of them and see where they excel and where they fail.

1. StumbleUpon
For those of you not familiar with StumbleUpon, it is basically a toolbar that can be downloaded for either IE or Firefox which allows you to give the “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” to websites based whether or not you like them. It will also allow you to “Stumble” sites which takes you to a random site based on your interests.

Advantages: By adding or “Stumbling” your own website or blog posts, you can allow other people to “Stumble Upon” them and thus increase your visitor numbers.
Disadvantages: In general, the traffic you receive tends to be of poor quality as seen by Jamie. Additionally, not all of the posts you stumble will end up generating a sizable amount of traffic.
Conclusion: For the few seconds it takes to stumble your own posts and use the toolbar, it’s worth installing and testing out. In a typical month I tend to get anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 referrals from StumbleUpon.

2. MyBlogLog/Bumpzee
Both of these services allow are tailored specifically for blogs and allow you to create a community for your blog readers and discover new blogs. In addition, it allows you to track when members have been on your blog and display their avatar as a “Recent Reader” (see my right sidebar).

Advantages: Adding your blog to either or both of these services takes a matter of minutes and allows you to track when users are on your site. Having a “Recent Readers” widget on your blog has become an industry standard and should be worth considering.
Disadvantages: Like others, I’ve seen very negligible traffic generated from either of these services. In any given month, I tend to generate 20-25 visitors from MyBlogLog.
Conclusion: As I’ve said, including a Recent Readers widget on your blog has become somewhat of an industry standard and should be considered; plus the additional 20-25 visitors is never a bad thing.

3. Digg/Reddit
By this point, you’ve probably heard of Digg and Reddit. If not, what you need to know is that they are sites where users submit news stories that the rest of the users vote on. In general, the more votes you get the better and the stories with the most votes reach the front page of the site where they get the most exposure and therefore generate the most traffic.

Advantages: Getting your story to the front page of Digg can literally generate 1000’s of unique visitors for your blog. Plus, there are plenty of services similar to Digg that can also generate traffic (i.e. Reddit, Sphinn, BloggingZoom)
Disadvantages: It tends to be a difficult task to get your article on the front page of Digg. Your article has to be clever, well-titled and in the right niche to really explode on Digg. Also, as with StumbleUpon, the traffic generated tends to be poor quality traffic that doesn’t stick or turn into return visitors.
Conclusion: If you think you are capable of getting your article to the front page of Digg, then definitely try. Otherwise try focusing on some of the smaller services like Reddit, Sphinn, and Blogging Zoom.

4. BlogRush
BlogRush exploded onto the internet not too long ago and received backing from a number of well-known bloggers. The concept behind it is simple. Place a widget on your blog that displays links to similar posts on other blogs and earn credits. These credits get links to your blog on other blogs and traffic is born.

Advantages: All you have to do is place a widget on your site and let it run.
Disadvantages: Many bloggers have found the click-thru rate to be terrible and the traffic to be minimal. In addition the widget is ugly and not very customizable.
Conclusion: A great overall concept, but poorly executed. I don’t think it’s worth using in its current state.

5. Text-Link-Ads/TNX
Both of these services allow you to purchase text links on other websites which in turn should help increase both your traffic and PageRank. Unfortunately Google has been on a warpath to take down such services and penalizing sites that use them.

Advantages: Links on other sites should improve your SEO and organic traffic. In addition they should provide a small bit of direct traffic.
Disadvantages: Google has been on a warpath to take down such services and penalizing sites that use them. Also remember that it costs money to purchase the links.
Conclusion: I’m not overly worried about PageRank anymore and think it’s going to be phased out of the internet world soon. Overall this should help improve your organic traffic and possible even provide some click-thru traffic as well. Just make sure to space the purchases of links out to make the results look more natural.

6. PayPerPost/Review Me
These services have recently been under the scrutiny of Google. They allow bloggers to blog about services, products and other websites in exchange for cash. In order to create traffic all you have to do is order some reviews of your blog from other bloggers.

Advantages: Being reviewed on well-known blogs can expose your blog to a number of new readers. You also have full control over the blog that reviews you so picking a blog in your niche exposes you to readers already interested in your topic.
Disadvantages: There is the risk of being penalized by Google, but the main disadvantage is the cost. Being reviewed by big name bloggers can cost upwards of $400 for a single review.
Conclusion: If you have the extra cash, then consider a review from a big name blogger in your niche. The traffic is highly targeted, but also highly expensive in many cases.

What services do you use to generate traffic? Do you think there is room for new services? Let me know what you think!

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    1. 1 Stacie November 19, 2007

      I have come to realize how important link exchanges are on my site. For anyone who wants to do one, I write a review about their site and post it. So if that is something you are interested in check it out!

    2. 2 Erik Karey November 19, 2007

      Thanks for commenting Stacie. Link exchanges and review exchanges are great for starting off.

      I just took note of BlogRush not too long ago, but never joined. What does everyone think of that one?

    3. 3 Scott Frangos November 19, 2007

      Hi Erik –
      I found your post on Blogging Zoom — still another way to seek traffic, I guess (no results to report yet… just joined). Thanks for a great post here. It is well written with enough honest feedback to serve your readers well. I am trying StumbleUpon (the only one on your list), but have also heard that it does not provide solid traffic with return visitors.
      Regards, Scott

    4. 4 Jon Cardozo November 19, 2007

      Hey Erik,

      I haven’t tried the Blogrush widget myself, but it seems like you wouldn’t get that many clicks. I’ve been eagerly waiting for, but there seems to be delay after delay. I remember his site said it would be ready early 2007.

    5. 5 Andy November 19, 2007

      The most diggs I think that I have every received was 23. I even submitted some info before it hit the mainstream media. Those diggers are a fickle bunch. It really is all about your network of friends. I don’t think that a person can get their story on the home page of digg unless you have a big group of friends that will digg up your story. It seems that new stories get buried so quick in the “upcoming.”

      Actually given the amount of traffic I have on my blog, I get a decent amount of BlogRush traffic. I suppose it could be better if I focused more on my headlines.

      And evidently I am not big enough for TLA. I wasn’t approved. Oh well, it gives me something to shoot for.

    6. 6 Erik Karey November 19, 2007

      Scott – Glad you found my blog. I think you’ve heard correctly about StumbleUpon. The traffic quality is usually low, but you can still pull a few visitors from each big wave. Plus like I said it takes very little time, so why not?

      Jon – I’ve heard the same thing about them. I just really like the concept and think it needs work.

      Andy – The most diggs I’ve gotten is 98 I believe on a different site. Good to hear decent things about Blogrush from someone. I would try TNX for text links as I’ve heard good things about them too.

    7. 7 rhyan November 19, 2007

      BlogCatalog works well than Mybloglog or even Bumpzee for me. I also use where they offer a post submission link directly to your site :D. And finally forums … putting up a signature banner link to my site. Hope this things could help :D

    8. 8 Paypal2u Bloggers November 26, 2007

      For me, I only use this technique for traffic.

      1. StumbleUpon
      2. DIGG
      4. Technorati
      5. Forum signature
      6. Blogrush

      but the most I’ve been using is forum signature at

    9. 9 Laura November 29, 2007

      This is a great discussion of social media tools. I’m going to stumble this so that others can see.

      For myself, my favorite is StumbleUpon (obviously), followed by forum signatures and commenting on other folk’s blogs.

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