Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving Cartoon

I just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! I plan to eat as much turkey as humanely possible followed by some football! I’m thankful for having this blog and as many readers as I do.

Enjoy the Holiday!

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    1. 1 rhyan November 22, 2007

      happy thanksgiving dude :D

    2. 2 Christine Senter November 22, 2007

      Happy Thanksgiving Erik,

      Hope your day was “full” of all things good. :)

    3. 3 Erik Karey November 24, 2007

      Thanks both of you. I hope you both had great holidays as well.

    4. 4 Andy November 28, 2007

      So how much turkey did you actually eat? I know I didn’t get enough. I left before all the leftovers were handed out. At least it wasn’t the Tofurky. YUCK.

    5. 5 Andy November 28, 2007

      Erik, I am curious… Why isn’t my picture showing up? It shows up on the MBL cloud but not next to my comments. Just curious.


    6. 6 Edward December 1, 2007

      Nice bunch of Turkey for my dinner :wink:

    7. 7 Matt December 1, 2007

      hope you had a great Thanksgiving…and that picture is pretty awesome.

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