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Shoot Yourself in the FootSince I started this blog back in April of this year I’ve taken 2 extended “breaks” from blogging. Both breaks consisted of 1 or more months away from the blog and ultimately both consisted of noticeable drops in traffic. In past posts, I’ve preached that posting consistency is one of the big keys to successful blogging, yet I’ve been nothing less than in inconsistent blogger. The question is am I shooting myself in the foot with my blogging inconsistency?

In my opinion, yes I’ve been an inconsistent blogger and I’ve felt the effects of this inconsistency in my traffic and readership stats. Back in August my traffic and readership stats were at their peak for my blog…I’d spent time optimizing my blog for high SERPs results, exchanged links with like-minded blogs and consistently posted once per weekday. Here’s a quick rundown of my stats:

RSS Readers: 83
Monthly Visitors: 3,000
Monthly Page views: 48,000

Statistics like this might seem low and in comparison to other high-profile bloggers they are, but for the past 3 months leading up to August my statistics continually improved and finally reached their peak. At this point I broke one of my own blogging rules by just dropping the pen and walking away from blogging! Why? Well I had my reasons, I talked about them yesterday. Yet, regardless of the reasons behind my departure, I was inadvertently shooting myself in the foot and throwing all my stats down the drain. Here’s a quick look at October’s statistics:

RSS Readers: 65
Monthly Visitors: 1,600
Monthly Page views: 9,700

Although the drop in RSS readers isn’t huge and it’s been headed right back up since I’ve been posting in the last few days, I think the last two statistics speak for themselves. Loosing 50% of my monthly unique visitors and a whopping 80% of my monthly page views is definitely significant, especially considering that the more page views, the more ad impressions.

While many could come to the conclusion that sporadic and sometimes non-existent blogging will hurt your blog’s statistics, I think it’s worth showing exactly how it can hurt your blog and urge you not to make the same mistakes. Have I shot myself in the foot with my blogging inconsistency? Yes…but as the black knight says “It’s only a flesh wound’. The good news is that even the effects of blogging inconsistency can be countered with some hard work and consistent posting!

Good Luck!

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    1. 1 Jamie Harrop November 2, 2007

      Amen to that! Good post, Erik.

      I’ve had a couple of extended breaks too. The main thing I have noticed is those readers who were once keen to comment, now no longer feel so keen.

      When I started my blog, my reader to comment ratio was huge. Now, it’s about average. I put that down to the extended breaks.

      My traffic and RSS numbers didn’t drop much, if at all. However, they have stayed at a constant level, so I’m left wondering where my blog would be now if I hadn’t had those breaks.

      And with that, I now vow never again to have an extended break from blogging. :)

    2. 2 Erik Karey November 2, 2007

      Thanks for commenting Jamie…I’ve noticed a disparity in comments currently too, but I’m sure it will pick back up.

      I’ll take that vow with you as well!

    3. 3 Tim Schroeder November 2, 2007

      Nice to see you posting again Erik. :)

      I know it’s tough to stay on schedule and my post count had slowed but never longer than a week or so at a time. RSS didn’t change much but the number of comments did decrease a bit.

    4. 4 Erik Karey November 5, 2007

      Thanks Tim, yes I see the decrease in comments as one of the bigger drawbacks from not posting now.

    5. 5 Invest Free Money November 6, 2007

      I have done this on more than one occasion myself, but I usually get in a rut, and it is hard to bring myself out of it. Little time, more important projects, and writer’s block usually contribute to my lack of blogging.

    6. 6 I Blogged Myself to Poverty | My Way To Success February 8, 2008

      […] have suffered already from the biggest mistake that bloggers make with their sites. However how do you learn if you are always right? I am about to get tired […]

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