December Goals

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Bum Campaign DonationsI talked yesterday about how November went in terms of statistics, earnings and projects and now that December is upon us it’s time to talk about what I want to accomplish this month and more importantly by the end of the year (kind of shocking that it’s here already). So without further ado, here are my goals to accomplish by year’s end!

1. Increase RSS readership above 100
This was also one of my goals for this past month, but I didn’t quite make it. I peaked at 86 subscribers I believe. I would really like to hit the century mark and I think it’s doable within the next 30 days. Today my count shows 73 subscribers which means I need another 27 subscribers by year’s end. Breaking it down further, that’s just about 1 subscriber per day that I need to attain. How can I do that? Well I think I need to post consistently and push my subscriber link!

2. Develop New Projects
Unfortunately this was one of my goals for the past month too. I was semi-successful at it, but not to the point that I wanted. I was able to launch 1 small niche site, which is doing alright (still needs to get some traffic) and I’ve done some significant planning on another one of my major site ideas. This month (time permitting) I would like to start the development on that major project and further develop my current projects. I have one “competition” that I’ve begun work on and I’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

3. Increase Overall Traffic
I’ll admit that my biggest weakness as an internet entrepreneur is my marketing skills. I have the PHP and design skills to create sites and projects from the ground up, but once they are done I have a hard time driving significant amounts of traffic to them. I usually rely on small amounts of organic traffic and the occasional stumble….not the best method. So in December, I would like to work on those marketing skills and make a push to drive more traffic to this blog as well as all of my other niche sites and projects.

4. Enjoy the Holidays
I know the internet never sleeps, but I think especially during these holidays coming up it’s important to spend time with your family members and those who are special in your life. Although I have set goals to attain in my business life, I want to make sure that I put the time in to relax and enjoy the holidays with those closest to me. I’ve already started the Christmas shopping (all online, boy do I hate going to stores to shop) and I’m making plans for the holiday visits.

That’s it! Four *simple* goals for me to accomplish in the next 27 days! Yikes, I better get to it. If you’ve set any goals for yourself in December, please leave a comment or link to your list. I know Jamie already beat me to it, way to go!

Best of Luck!

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    1. 1 Christine Senter December 4, 2007

      I think your last goal is the best of the bunch.

    2. 2 Erik Karey December 4, 2007

      Thanks Christine! I love Christmas!

    3. 3 Kristian Liebrand June 3, 2008

      I also agree with this as December month will be the vacation time for most of the people and the business targets cannot be achieved as they will be in a holiday mood so definitely this will be a crisis time but still have to fight as we have to survive.

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