January in Review & February Goals

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Busy Desk CartoonIt’s been an interesting month for me and my blog. Personally I’ve found myself swamped with work to do and it seems like I’ve had little time to sit down and relax. In terms of this blog, I once again found myself taking an extended break from blogging and came to terms with my blogging failures. With all of this behind me I’ve started posting again, albeit inconsistently, and I’m happy to see my RSS count climbing. It’s sitting at an even 100 readers today which finally achieves my goal I initially set back in November. Below I’ll review January in more detail and give you my goals for the coming month.

January was a pretty good month for income for me. I’ve started to get into the eBay affiliate program using the phpBayPro plugin and I’ve continued to gain money from CPM ads on JustPressPlay. Here’s a breakdown of my income for January:

eBay Affiliate – $461.64
Tribal Fusion – $211.34
RocketProfit – $4.23
TOTAL: $677.21

Be aware that although a majority of this is profit there was probably around $130 used to cover server costs and domain registrations for the month. As for what I would like to accomplish in February, I would like to increase my eBay affiliate earnings. Currently I have 4 niche sites started, but I’d like to build it out to around 10 stores by the end of the month and I think this could get me close to $1000 profit for February if I keep up with it all. Overall I’d love to hit the $1000/mo mark for February and I think it’s a very attainable goal.

RSS Readers
As I mentioned above, today my feedcount finally says 100 and by doing so it crosses that goal of my list. Now my obvious goal is to build upon that and by the end of February I really like to see it in the neighborhood of 150-175. Will it happen? I’m not positive. Promoting this blog has never been my #1 goal. I enjoy writing here and I enjoy it even more when people comment on and read what I have to say, but my main goal is to start projects that will earn me money consistently. So for February I am going to push for at least 150 subscribers and do what I can to make it happen.

Posting is obviously a sore subject for me. As I wrote in my blogging failure post, I don’t want to give up on this blog but realize that I can’t focus all of my attention here either. I enjoy writing here and it’s a great way to open up and share my experience, but I don’t have the time to post every day. So from now on I am going to be posting when I have something to share or say. I know that doesn’t follow the conventional wisdom of “post consistently”, but I’m going to try it out and see how it works.

On a personal note I know that I’ve outlined a lot of things to accomplish for myself in regards to my website projects and I’ve also said how busy work is, but one thing I would like to do is take some time out to relax and enjoy the “fruits of my labor”. By that I mean taking some time and doing things I enjoy and spending time with the people in my life. As of late it just seems like it’s been one busy day after another with the weekends offering little relief.

So there is my January in a nutshell and my goals for the upcoming month. I have high hopes for what I can accomplish in the coming month and I look forward to sharing it with everyone.

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    1. 1 Murad February 1, 2008

      Those are some great results! I am interested to hear your plan to get another 75 people to subscribe to your RSS feed. Maybe you could do a post on that. I am starting a blog but I am finding that because it doesn’t deal with the internet industry I am having trouble getting consistent readers. Any advice?

    2. 2 Erik Karey February 1, 2008

      Hi Murad,

      75 is a lofty goal for me and I think at the end of the month it will be more like 50, but my main goals are just to interact in the blogging community more, leave comments, use entrecard and just let my articles speak for me. If people like my content they will subscribe. Thanks for the comment.

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    4. 4 Andrew February 1, 2008

      That’s pretty impressive. I think you can hit 4 digits by the end of February.

      Is it possible to share the URLs for the niche sites you’ve set up? I’d love to have a look at how you’ve built them up.

    5. 5 Thomas Sinfield February 2, 2008

      That is a great result! congratulations. I have decided to not sell any ad spots this month, instead giving them away in a contest. So I dont think my blog will be making any money this month…

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    7. 7 christopher February 7, 2008

      Thats a lot of money, so much you can not make it, here in germany

    8. 8 Holly February 11, 2008

      We’ve all been there when it comes to blogging failures. Hell, I’m probably still making them every few days, but we learn, clean up our act, and move forward. And so the blogging world turns.

    9. 9 Handyblogger February 22, 2008

      Thomas Sinfield February 2, 2008

      That is a great result! congratulations.

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    11. 11 ?????? ???????? September 8, 2008

      The Good result. Take congratulations

    12. 12 oyun indir April 13, 2009

      thanks verr godd

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    16. 16 Julian Pinnell July 17, 2011

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