February in Review & March Goals

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Small Fish CartoonI probably say this in most of the monthly reviews I post, but it’s hard to believe that February is already over! (even with an extra day) February turned out to be a busy month for me in a number of ways both online and in my day to day life. In terms of this blog, it’s been a relatively successful month, though I there are places that I would like to improve upon. So without further ado here’s my month in review and goals for March.

Income seems to be the thing that interests most people so I’ll start out with that. In my February goals post I posted saying how I’d like to reach $1000 income for February, but unfortunately I didn’t make it. A few setbacks in my eBay affiliate sites made it a slightly slower month than I had hoped, but it still turned out to be a decent one:

eBay Affiliate – $500.62
Tribal Fusion – $204.98
TOTAL: $705.60

As I said above, I had a few setbacks with my eBay stores and wasn’t able to create the 6 new stores I had planned for February. Unfortunately my eBay earnings have been trailing off at the end of the month. Even so, I was happy to hit the $500 plateau for my eBay earnings and already have a $490 check on the way from Commission Junction. For March I’d like to reach at least $600 in commissions from my eBay stores and launch 3 new stores by month’s end.

RSS Readers
February has been an up and down month in terms of readership and I can certainly understand why. As I discussed back in the middle of January, I’ve decided to reduce my posting schedule and only write when I have something meaningful to say or have the time to post. However, this method has led to only 4 posts last month. Ideally I’d like to see myself posting around twice a week or 8-10 posts per month right now.

With only 4 posts last month, my RSS feed count tended to rise with the new content and then dropped in between posts. In February I hit a high of 118 readers and for March I’d like to see my readership level off around 125 which is quite doable provided I write more content!

As I mentioned at the start of this post, February was a very busy month for me personally as well. At my job we launched a new version of our software which entailed a lot work from everyone on staff. That coupled with the fact that I had bronchitis for a good week made for a stressful few weeks. I’ve also found myself increasingly tired after work and need to figure out how to re-energize myself for the evening where I think I have the most potential to work on my internet ventures and where I have the most time to spend with those close to me.

Overall I’m happy with what February brought me, but not content with it. I know I can do better and produce more and that’s my overall goal for March. If you have a post reviewing your February or outlining your March goals feel free to leave a link as a comment on this post!

Good luck in March everyone!

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    1. 1 $1000 Affiliate Experiment March 3, 2008

      I noticed my eBay affiliate earnings were a bit lower this past month as well. I wonder if its some kind of seasonal trend.

      I actually bought phpBay to use in addition BANS, So I might be asking for some tips from you soon ;-)

      My goals for March are to make $50/day using PPC, but that might be difficult with school and work. We’ll see how it goes!

    2. 2 Lola March 5, 2008

      One thousand dollar is so little number nowadays…. or what do you think about that?

    3. 3 Royal Radande March 5, 2008

      Your ebay commissions might be a little messed up. They had some tracking problems in February and commissions weren’t properly tracked. I wrote about it here:


      There’s also a thread on the ebay affiliate forums about it located here:


    4. 4 BB March 7, 2008

      Is the $705.60 net profit after expenses?

    5. 5 Chris Stormer March 9, 2008

      The CPA Marketing Series is surprisingly helping out people to increase the number of sales. Even in the month of February when the days are less the profit has rather increased.

    6. 6 Flimjo March 11, 2008

      You’ll get to $1000. It’s certainly not a small number. Think about it in terms of that money paying for several monthly expenses, like a car, electricity, and other utilities. You can basically wipe out the majority of your monthly expenses (well, except for a mortgage or rent payment) with $1000.

    7. 7 Lance March 21, 2008

      Thanks for sharing your goals and results. Too many people are afraid to set goals. They are just planning not to succeed. You are a great example of putting it out there and moving forward. Keep up the good work.

    8. 8 Paypal2u Bloggers March 22, 2008

      What about your Google Adsense income. You don’t mention about it. Is there any improvement. Anyway, good to see you earn more than $500 for your EBay Affiliates. I’m sure it feel good to see the cheque.

    9. 9 Chubby Chasers Dating September 20, 2008

      Thanks for sharing these info with us!
      I will keep in touch with your blogreading..
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      have a great day

    10. 10 JonathanDavis September 26, 2008

      Just don’t let it get you down! Think of it like a slow journey to riches instead of a race. As long as your profits are increasing every month, eventually you’ll get where you want to be.

    11. 11 affiliate marketing techniques October 4, 2008

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    12. 12 perde August 7, 2009

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    14. 14 RC Thompson November 13, 2011

      Curious how this has been going for you recently? Is there a place to read the last few months?

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