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Name Change CartoonYes it’s true, I’ve gone ahead and decided to rename my blog to give it a more professional and brandable appearance. It wasn’t an easy choice to make because of all the work I’ve already done under the branding, but it was a move I feel that was essential to get this blog off its ass and producing again.

There were several reasons for the change of domains. First, as you might well know, I’ve let this blog decay over the past 4 months or so to a point where I haven’t made any new posts and those posts which do exist are constantly attacked by comment spammers. I can’t explain why it happened….but I lost interest and motivation…..not a good thing at all. So I’m confident that this name change will light a fire underneath my ass and help me resurrect this blog.

Secondly, by using as the domain and title, it provides more brandability and professionalism in my opinion. With this domain I feel it will allow me the possibility of expanding this site into more than just a personal blog about internet entrepreneurship. If I can get traffic and interest back up then I feel that I can eventually create a whole community based around internet entrepreneurship with this blog as its foundation.

Lastly, the name change simply distances this blog from its predecessor to a degree. It allows me to put the infrequent posting mistakes behind me and to once again start something great on a fresh new domain. Forget about my personal blog (for now)! My goal is to make this a top blog on the topic of internet business and entrepreneurship. I have a lot of plans for this blog over the next few months and hope that you will stick around and experience them.

For those of you that knew this blog as thanks for sticking with me and remember to update your RSS feed with the new URL. For those new readers welcome to! I hope you all enjoy!

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    1. 1 Alex the Freelance Twin July 8, 2008

      Hey, good to see the comments are up and working!

      Congratulations on getting re-motivated on your blog and re-branding it. Hopefully that change will keep you writing for a while :)

      I just recently started my freelance blog (after a year of freelancing) and I’ll be happy to help you stay motivated and writing on yours!

      Take it easy.

    2. 2 Erik Karey July 8, 2008

      Thanks Alex. I definitely feel like I have my second wind when it comes to this blog. Best of luck with your blog, I will be following it.

    3. 3 Tom - July 8, 2008

      Great choice with choosing a brandable domain. I have just gone through the same thing moving my blogging blog domain from my name to my current domain.

    4. 4 Germz July 8, 2008

      Great move, I love your logo it’s very simple and clean.
      I wouldn’t dream of moving out of my domain I’ve spent so much time in it it’s something completely out of the question.

    5. 5 Erik Karey July 8, 2008

      Yeah it wasn’t an easy choice to move to a new domain, but this one offers a lot more opportunities down the line and that’s important to me. Thanks for commenting!

    6. 6 Work At Home Mom Tara July 8, 2008

      Great domain! It has a very nice kick to it!

    7. 7 Marc Eilbeck July 15, 2008

      Did you just do a simple redirect to from ?

    8. 8 Erik Karey July 15, 2008

      Hey Marc, I did a 301 permanent redirect from to the new

      Very easy and has made the transition seamless.

    9. 9 perde August 7, 2009

      great article, thanks…

    10. 10 Matt August 5, 2010

      Congratulation. I generally dont post in Sites however your blog forced me to, amazing work.. gorgeous .

    11. 11 SSL Certificate November 10, 2010

      Thank yoou Alex. I feel like I have my second wind when it comes to this blog. Best of luck with your blog,

    12. 12 Advance Advertising February 12, 2011

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      You have a very Cool Writer Style.
      Nice Writing Flow.
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